Kátalina is an award-winning, full-service concept, design and communications company. We are a boutique agency which specializes in building brands through immersive visual storytelling, and tactile, sensory experiences. Our ability to capture and communicate the emotional ethos of a consumer lifestyle brand is our defining mark.

We are experts in media strategy, planning and delivery — through traditional touch points, as well as throughout the ever-changing and dynamic digital ecosystem.

It is a remarkable time for brands and for marketers. Relevance begins with captivating, inspiring and thought-provoking communications.

For decades, we’ve delivered visual relevance. Let our passion for finding the new next, and the new now, help you deliver yours.


Advertising Campaigns: Concept, Design & Production
Identity Design & Development
Branding Platforms & Strategy
Photography Concept, Production & Retouching
Catalogs & Brochures

Digital Advertising Campaigns & Production
Editorial Design & Publishing
Packaging Concept, Design & Production
Environmental Design / Pop-up Shops
Graphic Design

Social Campaigns & Content Production
Media Planning, Buying & Placement
Website Concept & Design
Video Concept & Production